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I’m moving on. To another blog.

It’s about time. My life’s about to go on a different path, and I want to start fresh, new.

Not every post here is golden, but I had my moments. As a farewell tribute to this blog, here are some of my favourite posts:

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Goodbye WordPress. See you guys on the other side, at Tumblr.


3 more days to freedom!

Oh who am I kidding. 3 more days to freedom on paper, but really, freedom’s still eons away.

Our films are still incomplete and we can’t yet unshackle our legs from our workstations. We can’t yet free our spirits and run back to the welcoming arms of our long lost families and single beds (pun intended). This unending torture called FYP will only end somewhere near the end of May (hopefully!), and only then will the grey skies part, and light finally return to warm our pasty pale skins and eye-bagged eyes.

Till that fabled emancipation, we remain in our rodent-infested lightbox dungeons and labs uncommon, where we feed on butter cookies and msg noodles, drink all manner of teas and instant drinks from cups any bacteria will love, dance to elevator neon bulbs and sing along to a ukulele, kick air molecules instead of soccer balls and captehs, and at the same time, nurture fat on our lovely tummies and even lovelier behinds.

But, we suffer through this together, and our shared misery makes this ordeal a little less unbearable. To my animation family, having to continue with FYP even after school is officially over might suck a whole lot, but I don’t mind because at least, I’ll have a few more weeks to spend time with you people.

To my awesome friends and my even awesomer FYP group, I love you guys and I’ll miss you terribly when it’s all over. (That includes you too, Sabretooth and Wolverine). Godspeed and good luck, my friends. =)

You know how time seems to slow down when it is your last class of the day and you’re waiting waiting waiting for the clock to strike 12 but that never seems to come? Well, when I left the theater, I honestly thought the movie had been 3 hours long. It was actually only half of that. Says how much I was entertained.

Granted, I did expect it to be a brainless visual effects spectacle, but spectacle it was not, though brainless it certainly is. It was thoroughly, disappointingly pointless.

There isn’t much to the story really. Sam Worthington’s Perseus sees his family get killed by Hades, wishes for revenge, finds out he’s actually a half-god bastard of Zeus, gets pulled into the fight between Argos and the Gods, fights a bunch of monsters, and ends up saving the day. Hoorah. It actually sounds pretty decent, no? But Perseus, the humble fisherman who has never held a sword in his life, turns out to be an invincible swordsman right off the bat and ends up being an invincible swordsman at the end, while Zeus, who declared war on the humans, gives the very man who has the power to save mankind (Perseus, in case you were wondering) a powerful weapon and a fancy transport that will aid the man in his quest against the Gods. Oei, where’s the logic? And there’s some “twist” of a betrayal between Hades and Zeus which actually never amounted to anything between the two of them, on top of  a love angle between Perseus and a woman who’s probably 5 times his age.

What I’m really saying is there is no plot, no character development and no moral of the story. And even with talents like Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson and Mads Mikkelsen (why Mads why do you always end up in stupid Hollywood blockbusters like this? Please stick to the indie Scandinavian films we know and love you for thanks), everyone is as bland as a cucumber on screen, with Sam Worthington being the blandest of the lot. Again, we see him in a role with no personality whatsoever. He makes a joke and we’re actually surprised he made a joke because he didn’t seem like an interesting enough character capable of making a joke. Only after this thought do we chuckle a bit, mostly out of uncertainty. Despite his leading man role, he kinda blends into the background a lot.

In fact, nothing actually leaves an impression. The things that really stood out were Sam Worthington’s super-tanned skin and Liam Neeson’s cheesy golden glow. And maybe the incredibly lousy visual effects. For a 3D film, the VFX kinda sucked.

Sigh. Sam Worthington’s actually a pretty decent actor. I am disappointed. He is an actor who can tell you a story with just his eyes, and not a lot of actors can do that.  But he really needs to choose the right roles and the right films. I want to support him, but if he keeps on accepting roles indiscriminately (he’s doing a lot of films within a very short time), it’ll only be a matter of time before I forget that he can actually act. And please, please, please get an accent coach pronto.

Okay back to the film. What was I saying? Oh yes the film sucked. Save your money, folks. This one is not worth your time.

This is just one of the many vivid dreams I’ve been having lately. Detailed and highly emotional. Usually, I welcome such dreams. They can be useful sources of inspiration, and when I’m bored (which I am, most of the time), they can be interesting subjects for contemplation. But when you keep having them night after night, one after the other, you wake up everyday feeling sleep-deprived and so, so exhausted. I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in a while. Perhaps it’s time to manually induce a cough just so I can get myself knocked out by cough syrup.


I was incarcerated in a women’s prison. Perhaps framed for something I didn’t do, because I felt like I didn’t deserve to be there. It actually felt more like a highly secure underground facility (with dank stone walls and low-lighting) ‘cos we were free to roam the area and were not locked in cells. But, I knew I was in a prison ‘cos there were guards everywhere, and they didn’t treat us like human beings. They were mean, cruel bullies, all of them men. There was no rape, but they would occasionally single an inmate out, take her to a secluded room, strip her down and just beat the hell out of her. In my dream, I was unlucky enough to be one of them.

After the ordeal, I was brought back to the main hall where the rest of the inmates were. I shouted that justice will come and all of them will pay for what they’ve been doing to us. They laughed. No one believed me. Even my family, who were there, watching me from the outside in.

Eventually, a good man, one of the guards, saved me from the place. He took me to a boat and we headed to Australia. We weren’t lovers; I didn’t even know the man. He was a silent one, but I felt safe with him. He made me feel like I was human again, a woman again. Maybe in that way, I did feel affection for the man.

Perhaps… I even loved him.


That was my last thought, or rather, my last feeling when the dream ended. A sort of love, born out of sorrow and misery.


Posted on: March 20, 2010

I am currently on a music spree! And enjoying it.

Finally got Lady Danville off thesixtyone and onto my HD. Hurrah! David is currently on loop.

Tried Work by Shout Out Louds and Crows by Allison Moorer, but didn’t like them much, despite both being editors’ picks on AllMusic. Oh well. Can’t like them all.

But I did like The Submarines’ Honeysuckle Weeks and Thao With The Get Down Stay Down’s Know Better Learn Faster. Thanks to TapTap Revenge for supporting such great indie music. Haha. Yea I know. TapTap Revenge. Who’d have expected that, huh?

Thanks Izzy darling for all the great music you’ve passed to me. I’ve only checked them out now after finally sorting out my music folder and cleaning up the mess that was consequently created in iTunes (why no refresh button, Apple?), but I’m loving what I’m hearing. Especially the French ones! J’aime beacoup la musique francaise! =)

It took some effort, but I decided to finally chuck out music that I didn’t take to. If it doesn’t appeal to me on the first listen, then it’s never going to happen. Now, I only have to decide which of my older music (music I used to like but not anymore) will be getting the dreaded one-way ticket to digital oblivion.

Oh, if any of yous are having trouble navigating the difficult interface of, go to It’s the same site, but with the old design.

Au revoir audiophiles!

Oh how I love these boys.

I love this song. Fireflies by Owl City. I know I’m adverse to pop tunes on the radio, but this one is different. It touches me, that part of me who likes to have my head in clouds, just dreaming.